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Hi, I’m Neil Patel.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with my close friend Robert Herjavec for a truly historic video. This is something you are not going to want to miss.

Robert and I revealed the greatest driver of wealth creation the world has ever seen.

For centuries, the rich and powerful have been quietly taking advantage of a private market to access the most lucrative business deals on the planet. 

And Congress has finally unlocked this private market so that everybody can capitalize on it. If you think investing in IPOs is as big as it gets, think again. 

Consider Uber. Leading up to IPO day, it was the talk of Wall Street. When the bell rang, though, it was a massive disappointment. 

But had you invested in Uber through this private market, you could’ve transformed a $20 bill into a $99,300 payday.

Amazon has certainly made its regular shareholders pretty happy. However, through this private market, Amazon would’ve handed you a once-in-a-lifetime windfall.

Every $20 you invested could’ve paid you $2,800,020.

These are two exceptional examples...

But long story short, this is a radical new way to grow your wealth.

Robert and I have been very fortunate in life and business. And we owe much of our success to the deals we’ve struck in this private market. Now, we want to pay it forward. In a special video on the next page…

  • We’ll show you how to access this private market and how it gives you the chance to partner with the next Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs.
  • ​We’ll walk you through all of the risks and rewards that come with backing startups.
  • ​We’ll share our 1,000X Formula, which helps you determine whether or not a private deal could hand you a 1,000X windfall.
  • ​You’ll even receive the details on two such business deals! Play your cards right, and they might make you a fortune.
Take a few moments to watch this video (remember, it’s free).

Get ready – because Robert’s words could transform your life! And you could be ready to join the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network.

Neil Patel
Angels & Entrepreneurs Summit Co-host
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